Choose from 53 global locations. No internet borders or censorship
Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android support
Unlimited traffic
One account lets you connect up to 10 active PC and mobile devices
Masked IP for private browsing
One-click to enable/disable VPN functionality
Strict no-logging policy
10 Gpbs port servers
24/7 support
* Save with a 2-year plan

Secure remote access

Your team is becoming increasingly dispersed, causing headaches for IT admins entrusted with protecting company data. With PracticalHost Business VPN, your team can have secure remote access to their work environments with ease — from any location and most importantly, from public Wi-Fi.

Secure endpoint devices

Organizations use many different devices. These devices must be properly protected. By utilizing our business VPN, you can ensure that every connection is secure, no matter if it’s on a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. We offer client software for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. We can also provide you with custom OpenVPN and WireGuard config files with your desired port.

Encrypted traffic

Have the peace of mind that data traffic within your company’s network remains secure. Our business VPN protects all traffic with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption — essentially locking the contents of your traffic and making it unreadable to unauthorized parties.