The real danger for a company is hard-to-block phishing and malware. Advertising spam is just a nuisance.

Why you should add SpamVault

Your traditional spam service filters email based on sending-server compliance & reputation and received email content while trying not to block emails that seem legit.
But, spammers and hackers are getting smarter by sending emails from innocent compromised email accounts and those emails are designed to dodge spam content filters and include links to websites that are also hacked and loaded with ransomware code or viruses that can infiltrate your office network.

The biggest threat for a company is assuming that all team members will have the intuition to recognize these emails that slipped through and delete them. Spam by itself is a nuisance, but the real danger is ransomware, phishing, and viruses.  All it takes is an infected PC on your network and the infection would spread within minutes on all infected Pcs.  SpamVault solves this problem with a 99.98% accuracy.

How It Works

With PracticalHost SpamVault Inbound Email Filtering, spam management per domain is simple and effective. Each mailbox user has their own login credentials where they can set their own spam policies and manage their whitelist and blacklist. Meanwhile, domain admins can set spam policies across the domain, without having visibility into the private details of individual users’ messages.

PracticalHost Inbound Email Filtering directs email traffic through a series of analysis and filtering steps to identify the responsible sender, analyze message content, assess sender behavior, and then apply an appropriate rate limiting or blocking policy. Similar email is then grouped into pools for further analyses that are optimized for that type of traffic.

With our simple, user-friendly interface, a log of emails delivered to the end user inbox with a drop down menu displaying viewing options of all email, blocked, flagged, quarantined, queued and failed can be seen. Users can choose to see the emails that have been quarantined and whitelist or blacklist the sender.  A sample report:

For Web Hosts

PracticalHost SpamVault is a cloud-based spam filtering service designed to help web hosts protect their clients from malicious email threats. It is a reliable, cost-effective service for businesses of all sizes. Improve the filtering accuracy of open source and legacy anti-spam systems by letting users manage false positives themselves.

For web hosts who manage email, reliable email delivery for customers is imperative. Email that is incorrectly flagged as spam and sent to the junk folder causes frustration for customers. PracticalHost’s SpamVault eliminates this frustration by empowering end-users to control their own inbox.