About Practical Host

PracticalHost Fze, was founded with the vision of being a different type of company—a technology service company that is easy to do business with. It’s our unique customer service philosophy we call IRONCLAD SUPPORT™.

Practical Host cloud infrastructure is located in Dallas and Chicago at a state-of-the-art facility, providing physical security, conditioned power with N+1 UPS redundancy backed by diesel generators, a precision N+1 HVAC system and 24/7 network technicians.

IRONCLAD SUPPORT™ has made Practical Host a service leader in cloud based secure business email, web hosting, email and application archiving, backup and application hosting. We deliver enterprise level hosting services to businesses of all sizes around the world. Practical Host started in the year 2000 and have since grown to serve thousands of corporate customers. We integrate the industries’ best technologies to offer reliable business solutions. We also use our solutions to cater for specific client needs and deliver it as a service.


Rami El-Zein

With a background in IT and networking, Rami started a web hosting business in 1995 and soon realized that what really matters for every business is the continuity of business email. Lack of sufficient disk space, spam and reliability were always a problem in a traditional hosting account.


Luís Gustavo Ruiz

With the experience of 20 years in innovation and enterpreneurship, Luís has come to the Practical Host team to lead the expansion of busines in LATAM and language countries. His solid contacts with startups and colaborative companies is bringing a brandnew concept of cloud and e-mail solutions for SME’s.


Tarek Naaman

Tarek is a branding, marketing and communication consultant that specializes in Digital Media and Technology.


Rabie Jarmakani

Rabie specializes in strategic planning and organizational development. He has established a wide range of businesses offering integrated technical solutions for emerging markets.


Nazmi Kahil

A seasoned technology and Digital Media product management professional, Nazmi specializes in product architecture, design, development, integration and deployment.


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